Quality Care


The Caregivers at Paradise Living Centers group home are certified by the state of Arizona. They have undergone extensive training, passed a state certification exam and spent years working in senior care. For them, this isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. Their professional passion means our residents receive the highest possible quality of care.

Nursing Staff

A full-time nurse is on staff and available on call 24/7, working closely with our team to enhance the care and well-being of our residents. The nurse visually assesses each resident, oversees medication administration, creates and implements individualized care plans. The nurse is also available to work closely with physicians, family members and caregivers to ensure each resident is as healthy and happy as possible.

Expert Memory Care

Our memory care experts from A Wiser Mind provide residents with personalized attention in 45-minute, one-on-one sessions, designed to help improve cognitive ability.

Electronic Medication Management Program

Our Electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR) system allows us to carefully track the medication needs of each resident to make sure they receive the proper dosage, document how it is administered and the frequency at which it should be given. Each time a member of our care team supplies a resident with medication, it is recorded through the e-MAR. As part of ongoing care, it allows our Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to also pull reports and monitor and assess each resident carefully.

Hospice Care

At Paradise Living Centers, we give our residents the option of “aging-in-place.” This means that we are able to meet their needs whether they are living the life of an active senior, or dealing with a serious illness that no longer responds to treatment. For the latter residents, we welcome hospice providers to offer on-site, end-of-life care. The goal of hospice nurses is to give patients a dignified and comfortable end to life. Where better to do that than in the place they call home?