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Celebrating the holidays with someone who has dementia

Celebrating the holidays with a loved one who has dementia presents some challenges, especially if your family member resides in an assisted living home. It is natural to want to recreate those holiday memories you have shared together and get in touch with the feelings those shared experiences gave each of you. But how do you recreate something that dementia may have changed or faded for your loved one? This loss of shared history never hurts quite as much as it does during the holidays, when so many memories were made. Talk to your loved one’s caregiver Before you make too many plans or set up too many expectations, talk to the day to day caregiver of your relative. He

Top 5 Memory Care Activities To Practice With Seniors

Top 5 Memory Care Activities To Practice With Seniors

Seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease often withdraw from their favorite activities with family members and friends because it’s too difficult to remember or stay focused. While witnessing such behavior can be devastating, it’s imperative you, their caregiver, family member, or friend, work hard to maintain their relationships and interests. Various research studies have found physical and mental activities can help stimulate memories and emotional connections while reducing the severe cognitive effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, it’s important you encourage your loved one to participate in meaningful activities that help them feel connected to their surroundings. There are many “suggested” activities available on other dementia and Alzheimer’s disease-related blogs, but the caregivers, nursing staff, and memory care experts at

Key differences between assisted living and nursing homes

Key Differences Between Assisted Living And Nursing Homes

Do you have a loved one in need of assisted living? Are you looking for an affordable, yet luxury assisted living option for yourself? Whether you stumbled across this article intentionally or by accident, you’ve come to the right place for information about nursing home care options. As one of the leading assisted living care homes in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Paradise Living Centers is dedicated to helping residents and their loved ones feel at home in a safe, yet welcoming environment. We understand there is a growing concern for the safety and well-being of loved ones who may be at risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s, which is why we stress the importance of part-time or full-time care early

World Alzheimer's Month

World Alzheimer’s Month Awareness

The month of September is dedicated to raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and challenging its stigma. The initiative was originally launched in 2012. The goal is to unite opinion leaders, people with dementia, caregivers and family, medical professionals, researchers and the media. This campaign provides opportunity for Alzheimer’s associations internationally to gain recognition and credibility for the work they do, but it’s also an excellent occasion to have some fun and participate. The stigma and misinformation surrounding dementia continues to be a problem globally. This year’s campaign theme is “Remember Me.” The campaign encourages us to learn how to spot the signs of dementia, but also to not forget about loved ones living with dementia, or who have passed. Many

seniors and fitness

Fighting Fit: The 4 Best Exercises for Seniors

Keeping physically active as an older adult is extremely important to your overall health and well-being. Exercising puts a spring in your step, both physically and emotionally, while keeping many diseases at bay, including dementia. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends four types of exercise for seniors to help retain independence and combat health issues through the aging process.   Strength training: Lifting weights or doing light weight repetitions helps keep both weight and blood sugar in check, builds muscle and helps increase metabolism. In addition, strength training can help reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic illnesses, such as arthritis.   Incorporating 30 minutes of strength training into your routine as little as twice a week, can have

Pet Therapy

The Benefits of Pet Therapy

There is extensive research that shows seniors benefit from owning a pet, but this is not always possible for those living in an assisted living facility.  At Paradise Living Centers, we partner with Hospice of the Valley pet therapy services, which brings trained and certified dogs to interact with the residents at least once a week. On these visits, residents have an opportunity to spend time with the dogs and enjoy their company. Interaction with pets is known to have a number of therapeutic and health benefits including: Lower blood pressure Help overcoming grief and loneliness Aids in weight management Stress management Psychological and physical relaxation Alan Beck, director of the Center for Human-Animal bond at Purdue University’s College of

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Memory Care for Seniors

According to the Alzheimer’s Association more than 5 million Americans are living with the disease. The epidemic affects 1 in 9 Americans over the age of 65. These staggering numbers will continue to grow as our population is living longer. It is important that we educate ourselves on the disease and find ways to combat the epidemic while we wait for science to develop a cure. At Paradise Living Center memory care sessions are offered to all our residents and we work with an expert team from BrainCare to provide tailored one-on-one sessions to meet the individual needs of our residents. Memory care is a therapy that is designed to help delay cognitive decline. Memory care is activity based and the


Warning signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

A popular misconception about aging is that senior moments are common and considered a normal part of getting older. While an occasional senior moment can be expected, if your loved one is frequently having difficulty with his or her memory it may be a warning sign of dementia or the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia is a group of symptoms that affect mental tasks like memory and reasoning. This impairment interferes with a person’s ability to do things which he or she was previously able to do. Alzheimer’s, on the other hand, is a progressive disease of the brain that slowly impairs memory and cognitive function. Memory loss is the main warning sign for both dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but

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Meet Kristie Chadwick

Paradise Living Centers warmly welcomes, Kristie Chadwick, our new Care Manager. Kristie joined our team in May. Q: What made you choose a career in senior care? A: I actually started out training horses and spent many years in Europe and the U.S, training with Olympians. Training horses takes a toll the body, so as I got older, I began thinking about what else I may want to do. My experience as a trainer gave me an opportunity to get involved in pet therapy. My passion for working with others and providing care led me to make the career change. Six years ago, I accepted a position as the Activities Director for an assisted care community. Q: What do you