5 Signs it’s time for your loved one to move into assisted living

July 30, 2018 by Paradise Living Center
5 Signs it’s time for your loved one to move into assisted living

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Has mom stopped gardening? Is dad struggling to get out of his favorite chair? These changes may seem like the natural progression of aging, but they may also be signs it’s time for your loved one to move into assisted living.

Pay attention to little things. As parents age, their mobility and flexibility will change, and as a result their safety can be at risk. Often times, they will keep quiet about some of the changes, as they don’t want to admit to needing help and they are comfortable at home. As our parents become older, it is important to notice the little things about their physical and cognitive behavior in order to help them make the tough decisions about their well being.

You may have concerns, but unsure when it is time to enlist help.  These 5 warning signs are strong indicators your loved one might need to move into assisted living:

Difficulty moving around

If your loved one has trouble getting in and out of their chair or bed or you fear they may be at risk for falling, it might be time to look into moving them.

Declining personal care

Does your loved one’s house have a strong urine odor, or have you noticed that their clothes are wrinkled and their hair unkempt? As parents age, these tasks can be difficult to keep up with and they may need assistance from caregivers.

Safety issues at home

When you visit your parents, check if their home seems cluttered. Look in the kitchen to see if there are any fire dangers or signs of fire damage. For example: are stove knobs charred? Pot bottoms singed badly or thrown out? Do any potholders have burned edges? Accidental house fires are common for older people living alone.

Increase in health issues and needs

A senior’s health can be severely impacted by a failure to properly take prescribed medications or by mixing up medicine. Read bottles to make sure medications are not expired. This can also be a sign your loved one is not keeping their regular doctor’s appointments.

Social activities decrease

Has your parent shown disinterest in hobbies they use to love, or withdrawn from friends? Do they seem lonely or depressed and rarely leave the house?

If your loved one shows any of these signs, it might be time to sit down with them and discuss options for assisted living care. For more information on assisted living please feel free to contact our care manager.

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