Assisted Care Services

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Providing Personalized Assisted Home Care Services

Paradise Living Centers specializes in luxury assisted living care. To ensure individualized attention, we maintain a small staff-to-resident ratio (1:5), which allows our state-certified Care Team to provide personalized, focused care to all our residents.

Our caregivers devote the time and attention to get to know each resident’s habits, hobbies, personalities, daily routines, and favorite foods. In many cases, our staff truly becomes our residents’ extended family.

As a part of our commitment to delivering quality assisted care services, we added Dr. Feras Aldaoud to our growing family in 2019 as our Medical Director. You can learn more about him and his team here.

24/7 Awake Assisted Care Services

Our Care Team works together to provide our residents 24/7 awake assisted care services. This includes evening care, which is scheduled monitoring every two hours. Also, we use continuous visual and audio monitoring.

At Paradise Living Centers, we recognize the role and input of family members and work with them closely in managing each resident’s health and well-being. Our care managers also keep in touch with our residents’ primary care physicians, and in some cases, recommend physicians and nurse practitioners for regular house calls to our home.

Our Health Care Manager is onsite at each of our homes regularly to assess our residents and any changes in their condition. If there are changes observed or concerns raised, our health care manager communicates them with the residents’ primary care physician and family members. Together with the Care Coordinator, the Health Care Manager provides support and guidance to our Care Team.

The care and compassion the PLC Team provided was just what my Mom needed. Knowing she had 24-hour care gave us much comfort and we loved being welcomed by the staff at any hour.” – Connie

Quality Care Standards & Services

Our Care Team at Paradise Living Centers undergoes extensive training to ensure that they can effectively carry out their duties and responsibilities. However, experience and training are not enough to be a part of our Care Team. We look for people that have a passion for caregiving.

For us, providing assisted care services isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. And so, we seek caregivers with a professional passion for ensuring that our residents receive the highest possible quality of care.

On Staff Nurse

Our Health Care Manager is a full-time licensed nurse that is on staff and on-call 24/7, working closely with our team to enhance the care and well-being of our residents.

The Health Care Manager visually assesses each resident, oversees medication administration, as well as creates, and implements individualized care plans. The Health Care Manager is also available to work closely with physicians, family members, and caregivers to ensure each resident is as healthy and happy as possible.

Electronic Medication Management Program

Our Electronic Medication Administration Record (e-MAR) system allows us to carefully track the medication needs of each resident to make sure they receive the proper dosage, document how it is administered, and the frequency at which it should be given. Each time a member of our care team supplies a resident with medication, it is recorded through the e-MAR. As part of ongoing care, it allows our Health Care Manager to also pull reports and monitor and assess each resident carefully.

Equipment & Accommodations

As residents age, they may face physical difficulties that impede daily activities. Our Care Team is not only trained to address any issues they may have, but we also make sure that we have the proper equipment to accommodate our residents’ needs. This includes a roll-in shower and a Hoyer lift, which is used to transfer residents that are temporarily or permanently unable to get up on their own or with minor assistance physically. The lift allows Caregivers to safely move residents from their bed to a chair or wheelchair, to take them to the bathroom or other areas of the house. Hallways and doorways can accommodate wheelchairs or walkers. Also, bedrooms and bathrooms are designed with senior care needs in mind.

Expert Memory Care

It is normal to see some cognitive impairment with aging. As many as 3 to 19%  of those 65 and over will exhibit some mild cognitive decline, which can progress into dementia or Alzheimer’s, but that is not always the case. When memory loss or symptoms of cognitive impairment begin to become a concern or impact the ability to perform daily living tasks independently, it may be time to consider assisted living care.

We have memory care experts visit each of our care homes weekly to lead engaging, one-on-one sessions with our enrolled residents. Each session is personalized to meet your loved one’s needs and abilities.

Hospice Care

At Paradise Living Centers, our residents can “age-in-place.” Whether living the life of a relatively active senior or facing a severe illness that no longer responds to treatment, we make sure to meet their needs and provide superior-level assisted home care services.

For the residents in the final stages of a disease, we partner with hospice providers to offer onsite, end-of-life care. The goal of hospice nurses is to give patients a dignified and comfortable end to life. And where’s a better site to do that than in the place they call home?

To learn more about our homes and services, contact us to schedule a tour and speak with our Care Manager