Overcoming the difficulty: Caring for aging parents from a distance

September 9, 2020 by Paradise Living Center
Overcoming the difficulty: Caring for aging parents from a distance

Caring for aging parents from assisted living center

Caring for aging parents can take its toll. It is particularly difficult when you are trying to care for your loved ones from a distance. Advances in technology have made the process somewhat more manageable, but being physically present is often the only way to get true peace-of-mind. Unfortunately, it is not always possible due to geography and circumstance. Many families are physically separated from their aging parents, but try to do whatever they can to overcome the difficulty from afar.

During the aging process, things can change quickly. The body and in most cases, the mind doesn’t work like it used to. If your parent(s) or loved one is living independently, you may consider making a visit to assess their living situation and environment. Modernizations and adaptations, coupled with regular visits from a neighbor or caregiver to the home are often enough, but when this no longer meets the needs of your loved ones it is up to you to make the decision on how best to care for your aging parents.

Depending on the severity of their health, your aging parents may require around-the-clock care. If your parents’ needs for assistance increase, it may be better met in an assisted living group home or skilled nursing facility. If your aging parents are still quite mobile, but still require custodial help, then an assisted living home or at-home caregiver might be the better option. To learn more about the key differences between an assisted living and nursing home visit our blog post here.

While doing your research and learning what type of care will be best for your aging parents you may also want to consider these 4 long distance caregiving tips:

  1. Organize your loved one’s important documents and paperwork ahead of time
  2. Gather all necessary contacts and information for concerned parties i.e. friends, neighbors, physicians, care providers etc.
  3. Seek out knowledgeable help from senior care experts, community organizations where your parents live and online resources like com
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It’s normal for both you and your aging parents to feel cut off and lonely. Caring for a loved one is not an easy task, but at Paradise Living Centers we provide our residents with a home-away-from-home caring and kind environment. We have two assisted living group homes in the metro-Phoenix area, one located in Paradise Valley and the other in North Central Phoenix. To meet our team and tour our homes, we encourage you to schedule a visit to learn more about our services and the level of care we provide. Call our Care Manager, Kristie Chadwick at 480.878.4112.

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