5 Fun Activities for Grandkid Visits

April 7, 2021 by Paradise Living Center
5 Fun Activities for Grandkid Visits

Grandkid visits

Most grandparents will agree that spending time with the grandkids is their favorite pastime. It is equally rewarding for children to get to know grandma and grandpa, and develop a relationship separate from their parents. The challenge comes when you’re not sure what to do for those highly anticipated grandkid visits.

Let’s face it, as much as you adore them, keeping grandkids entertained can be a challenge and even exhausting at times. To help make your next grandkid visit less stressful, we’ve put together recommendations for five fun and educational activities to do:

1. Getting creative

An arts and crafts project is a great activity for you and your grandkids (especially little ones) to enjoy together. It allows kids to tap into their creative side, get a bit messy (within reason) and have something to take home to share with Mom and Dad. The Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft is a simple project, but you will need a few supplies and some space for set-up. The kitchen table or an outdoor patio always works well. If working with paint has you worried, Playdoh or clay can also be fun for your budding Picasso or Michelangelo.

2. Going on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun way to get your older grandkids up and moving. They will get a little exercise and it will also make them think. Start by putting together a list of things for them to look for around the house or at a nearby park, this will not only keep them busy but also encourages the kids to use their observational and problem-solving skills. Supervision is necessary with younger children, but kids ages 11 and older may be allowed to venture on their own if you leave in a safe community.

 3. Cooking up something fun

Art may not be your grandchild’s thing, but almost all kids love a chance to mix up something good to eat. Share a family recipe or bake some goodies for dessert. Cooking is a nice way to bond and have them help in the kitchen. Baking is also a great activity for teaching the kids how to measure, follow directions and develop patience. And when you are done, everyone is rewarded with a delicious snack!

 4. Playing games

Ditch the devices and get out some of the old board games. Playing traditional board games, card games and putting together puzzles get everyone involved and interacting. There are games for all levels and at each stage, games offer an opportunity for the kids to learn strategy and competition, develop skills in reading and math or motor skills—depending on the game of choice. For little ones there are games like “go-fish” and “Hungry Hippo” and for the older grandchildren check out Catan and Blokus, or you can always pull out the classics like Scrabble and Monopoly.

 5. Let them entertain you

One way to liven things up is to have the kids put on their own talent show. Give the kids some of your old clothes to dress-up in or supply costumes and let them come up with the rest. They can show-off their talents singing, dancing, acting or doing magic tricks—this is their chance to shine. The kids will bring out their creativity, while you sit back and cheer them on.

For our residents at Paradise Living Centers, we offer a number of activities for your loved one to enjoy and we encourage family members to participate as well. Our weekly activities include arts and crafts, museum and theater outings, movie night, pet therapy and live music every Friday. To learn more about our assisted living homes in Paradise Valley and Central Phoenix and the various activities Paradise Living Centers provides, we invite you to call our Care Manager, Kristie Chadwick at (480) 878-4112 to schedule a tour and meet our team.

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