Healthy Aging Month

September 11, 2019 by Paradise Living Center
Healthy Aging Month


It’s that time of year again! September marks the arrival of Healthy Aging Month, “an annual obser­vance month designed to focus national atten­tion on the pos­i­tive aspects of growing older.”


Growing older and aging healthily isn’t all about infallible wisdom and grace, it also has a lot to do with keeping up the different aspects of one’s personal health – be they physical, mental, emotional, or financial. Knowing how to better address these aspects in a positive manner is what healthy aging is all about.


Another tenant of Healthy Aging Month is the stress on personal responsibility for healthier aging. Everyone has a choice to take good care of themselves or not. While easier said than done, starting with small changes is a good way to develop new and better habits. There are also many external support systems you can access and take advantage of – but only you as an individual can ultimately decide to make a change for the better.


Feeling lethargic? Get outside and start moving! Even a short walk increases circulation and vitality. Are you lonely? Make plans with a friend, become a volunteer, or sign up for a class at your local community center. These activities and others like them can quickly counter negative feelings and unhealthy habits.


The phrase ‘you’re only as old as you feel’ is a mantra to adopt – especially during Healthy Aging Month. No matter what your age is on paper, staying active, socializing with others and keeping a positive outlook can work wonders on your mental and emotional health.


Last but not least, it is vital to speak to loved ones about your financial health and to plan for the long term. Doing so not only helps ensure you have the funds you need beyond retirement, it can offer a great deal of peace of mind. What better time to discuss these concerns than Healthy Aging Month?


At Paradise Living Centers, we’re 100 percent committed to ensuring that your loved one ages with care and dignity. Click the link and give us a call for further information.

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