Independent vs. Assisted Living

July 2, 2019 by Paradise Living Center
Independent vs. Assisted Living

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When it comes down to where a person will be living in one’s older years, a single question is asked more than any other – Will it be more beneficial to live at home, or move to a community or home that provides care and assistance?


The answer always comes down to the individual, of course, based on their lifestyle and goals for their sunset years, their family situation and their health. Has this person always lived comfortably in independence and solitary pursuits? Or, would they prefer the more consistent surrounding of peers and activities?


A large factor that must be brought into account is financial ability. How the elder has prepared for retirement and their later years greatly influences their position regarding assisted or independent living. Those in circumstances that require someone to assist in a nursing capacity may prefer a live-in nurse or caregiver at home, if they are in a position to pay for personal, round-the-clock care.


However, many are also drawn to the social aspect of assisted living, regardless of finances. Group activities, shared meals, social interaction and the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with peers hold great benefits for some. It can be a lot easier to lead a healthy, active lifestyle in one’s senior years when surrounded by others who are doing the same thing.


An article by Nancy Walsh on Medpage Today stated that those who were physically active over the age of 75 live almost five and a half years longer than their unhealthier counterparts, according to Laura Fratiglioni, MD, PhD, and colleagues from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. No one is denying the asset that is activity. Even in youth, exercising with peers keeps one accountable, on track, and, at the right times, distracted. This drive stays just as crucial to success as one gets older.


When it comes down to it, the decision between independent living and assisted living must also be a fit with the individual’s personality. Many people thrive in assisted living environments, but it’s not for everyone. Talking things (including expectations and ideas about assisted living) through with family and friends always adds perspective from the people care about the person most.


If you or a loved one are considering the prospect of assisted living, contact Paradise Living Center today to make an appointment.

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