Respite Care, and Maintaining Your Loved One’s Independence

June 20, 2020 by Paradise Living Center
Respite Care, and Maintaining Your Loved One’s Independence

maintaining your loved one's independence

If you’re the primary caregiver to a family member, it’s likely that you are also the first line of support in all facets of your loved one’s life. Most caregivers, do a great deal to ensure their loved one’s independence so they can go about their daily activities without the support of a long-term care facility.

However, in trying to maintain this independence, it’s especially important that caregivers recognize their own personal limits – which is where respite care can be helpful. This short-term care is an excellent option or solution and it can be invaluable to a primary caregiver in need of extra assistance or a break.

Perhaps your loved one was recently discharged from the hospital, but needs additional attention during a recovery period. Respite care staff and nurses are often trained in these intricacies – be they additional mobility support, round-the-clock vigilance, or that you might feel ill equipped to provide.

Or, maybe a vacation or business trip is coming up. Respite care can the answer to allow a caregiver to tend to other things and ensure peace of mind when you’re not able to physically be there for your loved one.

Setting appropriate boundaries in terms of the responsibilities you take on yourself, and then entrusting others, is incredibly important as a primary caregiver. As with most major decisions in life, biting off more than you can chew can spell disaster in the form of resentment or a loss of positivity, and lead to caregiver burnout.

Caregiver burnout, described by The Eldercare Consultant author Becky Feola as “the state of [caregiving-prompted] physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion.”

Serving as a caregiver can be very rewarding and also very demanding. As a result, it can often lead to exhaustion. Understanding that respite care is available and being willing to utilize is a first step in taking care of yourself and your loved one. It can also give you time to evaluate whether you’re setting realistic goals, and if some of the responsibilities you are taking on are too much for you alone to handle.

At Paradise Living Centers, we understand how important it is for caregivers to also take good care of themselves. In addition to our residential care, we also offer respite care based on our room availability. If you are interested in learning more about our respite care program, contact

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