It’s National Caregiver Appreciation Month – What Can You Do to Give Back?

November 17, 2018 by Paradise Living Center
It’s National Caregiver Appreciation Month – What Can You Do to Give Back?


More than 29 percent of the U.S. population provides care for a chronically ill or aging family member or friend. On average, these caregivers spend approximately 20 hours per week providing care to their loved one. Caregiving is a demanding job that can take a toll physically, psychologically, and financially. November is National Caregiver Appreciation Month, a time to recognize those who dedicate their time and compassion to taking care of others.

Here are some ways you can give back to the caregivers in your life:

Offer to cook Thanksgiving dinner: Caregivers spend the majority of their time caring for others. This year, don’t make them feel like they have to take care of Thanksgiving dinner, too. Offer to cook the holiday meal and give the caregiver in your life a chance to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy the holiday.

Recognize caregivers by hosting a get-together to honor caregivers in your community: With more than 65 million people providing care for a loved one, chances are that you know someone in your community who is a caregiver. By organizing a get-together for these individuals, you can make them feel appreciated and connect them with fellow caregivers who can provide advice and support.

Give a gift card for a massage or spa treatment: Caregiving can be physically taxing.. Gifting a caregiver in your life with a massage or spa treatment can help relieve those tired muscles and is a thoughtful way to say thank you.

Offer to accompany a caregiver in your life to the doctor: Many caregivers report that their health is fair or poor, and they struggle with depression more often than their non-caregiving peers. Focused on caring for loved ones, caregivers frequently forget to take care of themselves. Offering to go with them to the doctor, helps to reminding the caregiver to also focus on their own well-being.

This month, take time to show your appreciation for the caregivers in your life. These individuals give their time and energy daily to provide care for others. Giving back to a caregiver lets them know that they are cared for too.


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