New Year at Paradise Living Centers

January 20, 2019 by Paradise Living Center
New Year at Paradise Living Centers

New Year

We’re embracing the New Year and introducing some exciting experiences at Paradise Living Center. In 2015 we’re taking trips outside the home, hosting special dinners and implementing better ways of connecting with loved ones. At Paradise Living Center, we aim to enhance the experience of the residents living at our home. With this goal in mind, we have a lot in store:


  • Outings and Celebrations: This year, we will be hosting an activity or excursion for our residents each month. Outings and special meals on our calendar facilitate social interaction for our residents, which can help to prolong a healthy life, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal. These events are fitted to our residents’ interests and abilities, and we invite family members to attend whenever possible.
  • Family Communication Boxes: Each resident and their family will now have a mailbox in the kitchen that will include information from caregivers, updated documentation, and feedback from medical practitioners. Additionally, boxes will include an Emergency Envelope for families to take when escorting a loved one on a trip outside the home.
  • Skype for Residents: For residents with loved ones living or travelling out of state, we have the next best thing to an in-person visit. Paradise Living Center will now offer Skype, a video chat application that will allow residents to visually connect with friends and family far away. Skype is simple to download to any smartphone or computer but feel free to contact us with any questions about getting started.


In welcoming these new changes at Paradise Living Center, we hope to better serve our residents and provide them with opportunities to communicate and spend more time with friends and family. Please reach out with any questions about our new communication methods or to find out when we will be hosting our events.

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