Why assisted living is the best option for seniors with dementia

April 22, 2020 by Paradise Living Center
Why assisted living is the best option for seniors with dementia

If you’re reading this, you probably know a senior(s) with dementia or you’ve probably heard about the effects of dementia. However, you may not yet realize that once the disease progresses, memory loss diminishes the minds ability to make safe decisions.

seniors with dementia

There are several different types of dementia, but they all affect the brain’s ability to absorb information and weigh options. As a result, there are a number of concerns you may have, if you have a loved one with dementia that is still living at home.


  1. Safety issues can arise from insufficient supervision:

More than 60 percent of seniors with dementia will wander. It can become particularly dangerous when the individual can no longer find his or her way home.

All too often we hear reports about missing elderly persons. They may have left to get milk at the store or for a walk and haven’t returned home. Having someone monitor the whereabouts of your loved one is one aspect of a caregiver’s responsibility at an assisted living home.

  1. Dementia can change the nutritional balance of the patient:

A senior’s health can decline due to poor diet choices. When an individual suffers from dementia, they may forget to eat or experience a loss of appetite.  When a loved one is living in an assisted care home, the caregivers will observe changes in eating habits and make sure that they are being served meals that support a balanced diet.

  1. Medicating properly can prove difficult for those suffering with dementia:

Forgetting to take medication altogether, skipping a dosage or taking it twice are all common mistakes that can happen when a senior with dementia is tasked with managing their own medications.

Using a day-of-the-week pill organizer can be helpful, however this reminder will no longer be enough with progressed memory loss. When the patient doesn’t remember what day it is, they need more assistance administering daily medications.  A trusted caregiver can make sure medication is taken properly and at the correct times of day.

Choosing assisted living for your loved one suffering with dementia provides them and you the support needed to live with this disease. It will not only help your loved one maintain a healthy and happy life but using preventative measures can also enrich it.

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