Tech Products for Seniors

April 10, 2018 by Paradise Living Center
Tech Products for Seniors

Seniors holding tablet

We wrote a blog post last October about Seniors and Social Media, and discussed the benefits of creating a Facebook account. Using social media to reconnect and stay in touch with family members can be a great tool but not all tech products or tools are geared toward an older demographic. Also bear in mind, many seniors are private about their personal life, unlike younger generations, so Facebook is not always the best platform for them; we’ve all seen that Geico ad!

Senior-centric tech products are few and far between, but we have come across a few that are worth checking out. See what may help you stay connected to your loved ones who are living independently or in an assisted living facility.


Creators of this device say that this is a simple senior tablet that is easy to use and extremely secure. The company founder developed the product as a solution for staying in touch with older family members. The device and app are designed so that “Mom” never misses a memory. It digitally connects your loved one to their friends and family and has large text and colorful icons that make it easy to use. It also includes many customizable features, providing the ability to share information through the grandPad Companion App, Facebook or Instagram.

Clarity Products:

These smart communications devices were designed with seniors in mind to help them live a more engaged life. Seniors between the ages of 64 to 75 predominantly suffer from hearing loss. The sound level on Clarity’s calling devices is amplified to help reduce the frustration of communicating when suffering from a hearing impairment. The company offers a variety of cell phones as well as corded and cordless landline telephones.

Lively Smartwatch:

Think of this device as a Fitbit that not only monitors steps, it tells time and sends reminders and alerts. Wearable technology is not an entirely new concept, but as technology advances so does the ability of such devices. The Lively Smartwatch reminds the wearer when to take medications, monitors food and drink intake and has a button that alerts a ‘Lively’ agent of a potentially life-threatening situation. The watch is designed to be easy to use and gives peace of mind to those that have loved ones living independently.

It can be difficult to introduce a new technology to seniors, but taking the time to explain the benefits of a device might be a good first step to change their way of thinking. Learning how to use something new may be met with resistance, but with encouragement it can be enriching.

At Paradise Living Centers we are focused on providing families with the best care possible, and committed to enriching our residents’ lives.

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