Tips for Touring Assisted Living Phoenix

January 5, 2022 by Paradise Living Center
Tips for Touring Assisted Living Phoenix

assisted livingWhen touring assisted living homes and communities in Phoenix, it is important to pay attention to a few things and be alert to any red flags. Before scheduling a tour, do some research on assisted living options in your preferred area.

Part of your research should include checking reviews, services available, staff turnover, resident to caregiver ratio, and any other factors that might be important to you. Then, make a list of top choices and schedule a tour with the locations you initially select. Going into your tour with a good idea of what you want, will help you find the right fit for assisted living Phoenix. Keep in mind, there are many options for assisted living so it is important to learn about the differences to compare. To help you through the selection process, we recommend the following tips for touring assisted living homes:

Observe cleanliness and organization:

Does the facility feel fresh and clean? Look at the furnishings, how well they are cleaned and kept. Ask questions about the housekeeping and laundry procedures. If there is an odd smell, ask the manager if there is reason for the odor to find out if it is due to a specific issue.

Pay attention to staff friendliness:

One of the most important things to look for staff friendliness. On your tour, observe the way the staff interacts and cares for the residents. Ask for the caregiver to resident ratio. It is also good to ask about the training and experience of the staff and how they operate on a daily basis. Imagine how you or your loved one would do in this environment.

Ask security and safety questions:

The tour is your best time to ask any questions. The manager and other staff members are there to not only show you around the home or community, they are also there to help explain the daily operations and share insight on day-to-day living. A top concern of most family members is security and safety. This should be top priority of every assisted living home as well. Ask what systems they have in place to ensure security and to learn about the safety features and emergency procedures.

Trust your instincts:

Pay attention to your instincts while you are touring assisted living homes and communities. How did the staff make you feel? Did the residents look happy and well cared for? How did everyone interact? Can you imagine you or your loved one living here? Overall, ask yourself if it is a good fit for your loved one? Trust your instincts to make the right decision!

At Paradise Living Centers we are very proud of our homes and the quality care we provide to our residents. We have three beautiful homes conveniently located in the heart of the Valley and would be happy to have you to visit one or all to meet our caring staff and learn more about our services. If you are considering assisted living Phoenix for yourself or a family member, please contact us to schedule a tour. If you have any questions, please visit our website or call us at (480) 878-4112.

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