What Do You Need to Know About Scottsdale Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care

February 16, 2022 by juliet
What Do You Need to Know About Scottsdale Assisted Living vs. In-Home Care

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The Valley of the Sun is a hub for senior living services, which includes a variety of options in Scottsdale assisted living communities. When considering the best living situation for an elderly parent, families often compare assisted living to home care.  With so many options available, it can often be difficult to choose what the best solution is for your loved one. Here is what you need to know about in-home care and assisted living to make an informed decision:

What is Assisted Living

As you might expect, assisted living is housing for the elderly that provides round the clock care, housekeeping, and prepared meals. The level of care and services can vary by group home, facility or community. Some Scottsdale assisted living options allow senior residents to continue to live independently and increase levels of care later, while others provide more hands care as much as 24 hours a day.

The advantages of assisted living:

  • Options that fit your budget: The prices for Scottsdale assisted living can vary, but there are different locations and included services to fit different budgets. In addition, assisted living can be a better financial option because everything is included in your monthly/yearly payment while also including many unique amenities. Senior residents can receive quality care and a comfortable place to live with caregivers available 24/7 to accommodate their changing needs.
  • More opportunities for social engagement: Assisted living communities and group homes often include activities and opportunities for socialization. Living in a home with other seniors also provides companions daily, preventing the chance for isolation and decreasing loneliness.

The disadvantages of assisted Living:

  • Tough to choose: With so many options available it can be difficult to determine the best place for your senior loved one to live.  Some communities can be more formal, while others have a down to earth ambiance; they come in all shapes and sizes. Taking this into consideration will ensure you can find the best fit for your senior.
  • Less one-on-one focus: At an assisted living community or home, caregivers are often responsible for the care of more than one resident. It is important to ask what the ratio of caregiver to resident is when you are conducting your search. If your loved one needs more medical or one-on-one attention, you may want to look for different options or ask what can be done to accommodate your senior at the assisted living facility.

What is In-Home Care

As you can infer from the name, in-home care  is a service that allows seniors to receive the care they need in their own homes. In-home care specialists can vary from nurses to caregivers depending on what services are needed. In-home caregivers can assist with daily activities at home such as personal grooming, medication reminders, and errands to help with everyday tasks while in-home care nurses provide more for your senior’s medical needs such as wounds, at-home physical therapy, and prescription management. Depending on your needs you may need a caregiver, a nurse, or both.


The advantages of in-home care

  • No need for relocation: Everyone at one time or another has experienced stress from moving. With in-home care, the worries of relocating are eliminated. For seniors this is especially important. If they are in need of assistance or care at any level, it is best that they feel comfortable in their surroundings and with their caregiver.
  • One-on-one focus: In-home care allows caregivers/nurses to focus all of their attention on the senior. This provides peace of mind to the family and the senior receiving the care. This also ensures that the in-home care professionals are familiar with the senior’s diet and nutrition, medications, and lifestyle.

The disadvantages of in-home care

  • Seniors can become isolated: Although many seniors feel comfortable in their own homes, some individuals may become senile or isolated without engaging activities and human interaction. With a caregiver or an at home nurse, the resident may end up spending a lot of time alone or sleeping in bed when not getting treatment. If this is a situation that is not appealing to your senior, you may want to consider different alternatives.
  • May be out of your budget: In-home care can be more expensive and for some it can be a financial burden. (averaging at $22.37 an hour). When exploring options, you will need to consider what services are necessary and how often your loved one needs in-home care. In addition, there are still expenses for maintaining a home such as utilities, home improvement projects, repairs and security. It is important to consider all of the financial factors before making a final decision.

We know that deciding on the best solution for your senior may be difficult. If you have any questions about Scottsdale assisted living or Paradise Living Centers and want to learn more, please contact us at 480.878.4112.

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